Turkish presidential board discusses climate change

Turkish presidential board discusses climate change

Board members express views on Turkey's targets on tackling challenges related to climate change

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Turkey's president chaired a climate change meeting of the country's Presidential High Advisory Board on Thursday.

In the meeting, which lasted nearly 90 minutes, board members discussed future developments following the country's ratification of the Paris Climate Agreement in October, according to a statement by the Communications Directorate.

In the meeting, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey would continue to cooperate with the international community on climate change, the statement revealed.

Erdogan added that the country would seek to find a "middle way" between its development goals and the "sensitivities of humanity," it said.

The board also discussed Turkey's Green Deal Action Plan, announced within the framework of harmonization with the EU Green Deal and Turkey's 2053 net-zero emission target.

It emphasized that the fight for climate change requires a radical shift in understanding, "affecting every aspect of life," the statement added.

The board also expressed its views on the Climate Law, which includes policies, targets, and regulations on climate change, that officials are currently drafting.


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