Turkish woman completes late husband’s last unfinished work of Islamic calligraphy in mosque

Expressing her love for calligraphy, ‘Honestly, I fell in love with my husband’s work,’ Turkish woman Çiğdem Ak said

Ersin Çelik
12:34 - 27/02/2019 Wednesday
Update: 13:00 - 27/02/2019 Wednesday
Yeni Şafak
Çiğdem AK in Turkey's Sakarya
Çiğdem AK in Turkey's Sakarya

A Turkish woman has completed her late husband’s Turkish Islamic Calligraphy artwork in a local mosque, which he left unfinished due to his sudden passing in the Söğütlü district of Sakarya.

Çiğdem Ak, 53, has discovered her passion for Islamic calligraphy after she started to help her late husband in the mosques he was working on decorating.

Expressing her love for calligraphy, she said: “Honestly, I fell in love with my husband’s work.”

Ak said that she pledged to the local authorities to finish the incomplete work as promised.

Çiğdem’s late husband, Islamic calligraphy master Mehmet Ak, had decorated many mosques across Turkey and devoted his life to the Turkish Islamic artworks until he died in November.

Underlining her literature and visual arts enthusiasm, “Turkish calligraphy art is also about people’s feelings. My husband had never used pattern templates, he always created the paintings in his mind,” she concluded.

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