Türkiye ‘neutralized' 30 terrorists over past week

1,181 terrorists ‘neutralized,' with 531 in Iraq, 650 in northern Syria since Jan. 1, says National Defense Ministry

14:46 - 13/06/2024 Thursday
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Türkiye "neutralized" 30 terrorists in the past week, including those hiding across the border in Iraq and northern Syria, the National Defense Ministry said Thursday.

A total of 1,181 terrorists have been "neutralized," with 531 in Iraq and 650 in northern Syria since Jan. 1, ministry spokesman Zeki Akturk told reporters in Ankara.

Turkish authorities use the term "neutralize" to imply the terrorists in question surrendered, were killed or captured.

- Illegal crossings into Türkiye

Regarding illegal border crossings into Türkiye, the spokesman said 210 people were apprehended while attempting to cross in the last week alone.

Another, 1,344 people were prevented from crossing in the past week.

"During the past week alone, 210 individuals and a total of 5,215 individuals attempting illegal crossings since Jan. 1 have been apprehended at our borders. Together with 1,344 individuals prevented from crossing in the past week, the total number of individuals prevented from crossing this year amounts to 59,636," he said.

Approximately 39 kilograms of narcotics (metamphetamines) were seized during operations this week, the spokesperson added.

"We reiterate our willingness to host anyone interested in ensuring the security of our borders," Akturk noted.

- Regional and global peace

According to Akturk, Turkish National Defense Minister Yasar Guler attended Wednesday NATO's meeting in Brussels, highlighting Türkiye's ongoing contributions to global peace.

Recently, they have hosted high-level delegations from Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia, he added.

Akturk also stated that Türkiye's military leadership has participated in regional conferences in Albania and Croatia, strengthening ties and cooperation among Balkan and Central European countries.

Further, he stressed that Turkish Armed Forces have continued successful international missions and training exercises in various geographies within the framework of bilateral relations and international missions.

He detailed the missions and drills as Caucasus Eagle in Azerbaijan, Volkan in Eskisehir, TURGUTREIS-9 in the Eastern Mediterranean, Lieutenant Caner Gonyeli Search and Rescue Invitation Exercise 2024 in the Eastern Mediterranean, Anatolian Caracal in Tekirdag, Coalition Forces Interoperability in Poland, Ramstein Legacy in Romania and Bulgaria, Steadfast Interest in Romania, NATO Tiger Meet in Germany, BALTOPS in the Baltic Sea, Humanitarian Aid in Ankara, Eurasian Partnership MCM Dive in the Western Black Sea.

Celebrating diplomatic relations, the TCG KINALIADA Corvette visited Kushimoto and Tokyo ports, commemorating the Ertugrul Frigate anniversary, the spokesman added.

Besides, the TCG NUSRET museum ship concluded its port visits, engaging over 34,000 visitors in promoting Turkish naval history, according to Akturk.

He added that significant developments include the completion of BORAN's Pre-Shipment Testing and Inspection and the export of 46 Vuran vehicles to Georgia.

A framework cooperation agreement was also signed for aircraft technical and logistical services between AIROD/Malaysia and ASFAT, Akturk noted.

Recruitment remains active with ongoing applications for the 2024 Turkish Land Forces Specialist Corporal Recruitment and the 2024 Military Student Recruitment Selection Stage Activities by the National Defense University, he said.

"In conclusion, the Turkish Armed Forces will continue to fulfill all tasks entrusted to it with the same determination and resolve as before for the defense and security of our country," Akturk concluded.

- Israel-Palestine conflict

"We consider Resolution No. 2735 adopted by the UN Security Council (June 10) to achieve a ceasefire in Gaza an important step," the ministry spokesman stated.

Akturk also stressed the importance of all parties following the resolution to halt the violence in Gaza.

He urged Israel's immediate compliance with the resolution, saying: "Israel, which has disregarded the decisions made to date and international law, must implement this decision immediately."

"Since Oct. 7, Türkiye has maintained a just and humane attitude, contributing to the permanent cessation of the war," Akturk said.

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