Türkiye, Qatar to launch joint investment for chip production

Investment for 65-nanometer chip production in Türkiye projected to be worth over $60M, says Turkish technology minister

12:03 - 15/07/2023 Saturday
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Türkiye and Qatar will launch a joint investment for semiconductor production, the Turkish industry and technology minister said on Friday.

"Qatar decided to move its investment for producing 65-nanometer chips to Türkiye. It is projected to be worth over $60 million," Mehmet Fatih Kacir said at a news conference in the capital Ankara.

He added that Türkiye aims to attract more global investors for large-scale investments in the semiconductor industry.

Türkiye is working on accelerating investments in new generation, hybrid and electric vehicles, to boost its export capacity and meet domestic demand, Kacir said.

He said that 1 million units of Türkiye's first indigenous electric car brand Togg will be produced by 2032.

Togg began selling its first model, the T10X, in the domestic market and plans to deliver 20,000 units of electric cars within this year.

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