Türkiye-US cooperation, dialogue are of 'extreme importance': Communications director

'We strongly believe that relationship between Türkiye and US hold potential to develop peace, security, and prosperity-based approaches to regional and global concerns,' Fahrettin Altun says

10:33 - 18/05/2024 Saturday
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Cooperation between Türkiye and the US is of "extreme importance" as the world faces various challenges, Türkiye's Communications Director Fahrettin Altun said on Friday.

"Türkiye and the United States no doubt have a long-standing relationship.

"Given the current regional and global challenges, it is becoming increasingly clear that cooperation and dialogue between both countries are of extreme importance," Altun said in a video message to a panel, Türkiye-US Relations in the Century of Türkiye.

The panel was organized by the Communications Directorates at the Turkevi (Turkish House) in New York City to delve into the history, present state, and future of Türkiye-US relations.

Altun said Türkiye's "constructive" role has "successfully" helped to prevent major and extended crises such as the coronavirus pandemic, Ukraine war, and supply chain interruptions.

"Seven months of continuous Israeli aggression represent the most recent development that has significant ramifications for our region and all international actors.

"With that being said, the ongoing attacks by Israel against the Palestinians for over seven months are made up of severe human rights violations. These attacks have also increased global challenges, undermined confidence in peace, and eroded trust in international values," he added.

Stressing that Türkiye "immediately" took action to halt Israeli "massacres" in the Gaza Strip, Altun said Ankara remains committed to its diplomatic efforts to find a resolution to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

- 'Türkiye-US ties hold potential to develop peace'

Türkiye wishes to collaborate with the US in other areas as well, Altun said.

"We strongly believe that the relationship between Türkiye and the US hold potential to develop peace, security, and prosperity-based approaches to regional and global concerns while adhering to the tenets of alliance and strategic partnerships," he said.

Türkiye, a regional and global power, develops "practical and inclusive" policies in response to the challenges it faces, thereby strengthening and enhancing its alliances and partnerships, Altun said.

Ankara prioritizes finding "inclusive and long-lasting" solutions to various domestic and global challenges, with a particular emphasis on irregular migration, terrorism, and refugee issues.

"The stabilizing role of Türkiye on the regional and global scale is strengthened by its capabilities, the way it uses these capabilities, its goals, and its vision.

The spirit of alliance deems necessary the recognition and appreciation of Türkiye's multidimensional struggle by its allies. This struggle seeks regional and global stability while bolstering its national security, which should be a fundamental priority for all nations," he added.

Turning to the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO), the group behind a bloody defeated coup in 2016, Altun said the presence of FETO in the US poses a "threat" to American society.

"Supporting the terrorist organizations that Türkiye is combating and refusing to extradite terrorists goes against the principles of strategic partnership and alliance.

"Türkiye's most fundamental expectation from its allies is to extradite terrorists and cease support for terrorist organizations," Altun said, adding that both Türkiye and the US would benefit from "effectively" addressing areas of concern and disagreements that are a threat to the bilateral relations.

"It is essential to approach these issues with a constructive, realistic, and decisive mindset," Altun said, adding that the "multidimensional and in-depth" cooperation between the two NATO allies is essential for the security, stability and peace of both countries.

- 41st Turkish Day Parade

The panel is being hosted as part of the 41st Turkish Day Parade, which was first held in 1981 in response to the assassination of Turkish diplomats by the Armenian terror group ASALA.

Altun said this event has evolved over the years into a "highly significant gathering" for the Turkish-American community in the US.

"The Turkish Day Parade is an event that contributes significantly to the socio-cultural and economic fabric of the United States and serves to strengthen the unity and solidarity of the Turkish-American community," he said, adding that the purpose of the panel is to explore the bilateral relations between the two countries from different angles.

The parade events in New York are being held on Friday and Saturday under the coordination of the communications office.

A flag-raising ceremony at the Wall Street-Bowling Green Park on Friday, while on Saturday the parade will kick off at Madison Avenue and 38th Street in New York City in the early morning hours and conclude at Madison Square Park.

Along the route, the janissary band of the Culture and Tourism Ministry will perform renditions of Ottoman Turkish music.

Several singers will hold concerts, and the audience will be captivated by a diversity of performances.

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