Türkiye wants swift end to genocide in Gaza, punishment for perpetrators: President Erdogan

Turkish president says Netanyahu committing massacre in Gaza to prolong his political life

15:03 - 8/12/2023 Cuma
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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Türkiye wants a swift end to genocide in Gaza and punishment for the perpetrators.

Answering questions from journalists aboard his plane returning from Greece, Erdogan said: “(Israeli Premier Benjamin) Netanyahu and his accomplices must receive a punishment that serves as a deterrence for everyone.”

“Netanyahu is also committing this (Gaza) genocide to prolong his political life and to avoid trial,” Erdogan said.

“Just as (former Serbian President Slobodan) Milosevic was tried in the International Criminal Court, similarly Netanyahu, as well as all Israeli and non-Israeli politicians acting in concert with him, should be prosecuted for Gaza massacre,” he said.

Erdogan emphasized the importance of prosecuting the perpetrators to ensure that no one thinks of killing civilians and bombing hospitals again.

He said: “Massacres and genocides without accountability are repeated.”

The president also applauded Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, saying: “(He) truly stood out among the Western countries. Despite all the challenges, Sanchez demonstrated determination by taking a step forward in advocating for the recognition of Palestine by the European Union countries.”

“Spain, with Sanchez saying 'I will propose the recognition of Palestine by the European Union,' showed great courage,” he said.

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