Ukraine calls on NATO to implement Black Sea strategy to counter Russian influence

‘Black Sea must become the sea of NATO, peace, and stability,' says Ukrainian foreign minister

09:44 - 16/04/2024 Tuesday
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Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba on Monday called on NATO to implement a comprehensive strategy towards the Black Sea region in order to counter Russian influence.

“NATO must actively implement (a) separate, comprehensive, and ambitious Black Sea strategy aimed at reducing Russia's malign influence and increasing regional stability,” Kuleba said in a video address at the second Black Sea Security Conference of the International Crimean Platform in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia.

A statement by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said that Kuleba underlined NATO's Baltic and Black Sea flank as a strong wall of protection against Russia, which he said will bring stability and peace to the region, and allow regional countries to take advantage of economic and trade growth.

“What is required is a vision, strategy, and persistence in common actions to achieve our shared goals. The Black Sea must become the sea of NATO, peace, and stability,” Kuleba was further quoted as saying.

Expressing that this has already happened in the Baltic Sea with Finland and Sweden's accession to NATO, Kuleba said the Black Sea region will “follow suit” with Ukraine and Georgia's accession to the alliance.

“This is a strategic goal that the Alliance and the entire Euro-Atlantic community must pursue,” Kuleba went on to say, adding that bolstering Ukraine's air defense capabilities as soon as possible will also strengthen regional and global stability.

"Only Russia's defeat and the complete restoration of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity will bring stability, security, and the prospect of strong economic development to the Black Sea region. Ukraine can achieve such an outcome with sufficient support," he said.​​​​​​​

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