UN 'deeply concerned' about human rights violation reports across Libya

'It is critical to advance national reconciliation and transitional justice,' says deputy head of UN Support Mission in Libya

20:28 - 19/06/2024 Çarşamba
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The deputy head of the UN Support Mission in Libya, Stephanie Koury, emphasized Wednesday the "determination and unity" of the Libyan people while expressing concern about reports of human rights violations.

Koury, who is currently acting UN envoy for Libya after Abdoulaye Bathily announced his resignation in April, briefed the Security Council on the situation in Libya.

She told Council members about her engagement in extensive consultations across Libya and insights into an inclusive political process.

"Overwhelmingly, citizens conveyed the need for a political agreement so that credible national elections can be held to restore legitimacy to all institutions," she said.

Koury highlighted the Libyan people's aspirations for "peace, stability, prosperity, and democracy," noting the broad support for a Libyan-led and Libyan-owned process.

She conveyed "deep concerns" of Libyans about "the de facto division of the country and parallel governing institutions."

"I share this concern," she said.

The official stressed that "conflict prevention and preserving stability" and the dire economic situation in Libya remains one of the main concerns for most Libyans.

"On human rights, I remain deeply concerned by the reports of violations throughout the country, particularly the repetitive pattern of abduction or arbitrary arrest and detention of Libyans," she said, calling for transparent investigations and the release of those arbitrarily detained.

Koury urged resolute action to advance the political process, highlighting that "ordinary Libyans long for peace, stability, prosperity, and reconciliation."

- 'Time to leave Libya alone'

Libyan Ambassador to the UN Taher Al-Sunni drew attention to the "suffering of Libyans," and urged greater autonomy for Libyans in determining their future.

"We are tired and fed up from the stalemate and the vicious cycle that we have been going through for decades now," he said.

He criticized the international community for its inability to implement resolutions and hold accountable those who perpetuate instability in Libya.

"We are tired and fed up from being lectured on what to do and what not to do," he said.

Emphasizing the detrimental effect of foreign interference, Al-Sunni described Libya as a "proxy for certain countries and regional powers for selfish, greedy battles, some of which have colonial ambitions."

He urged the international community to step back and allow Libyans to shape their destiny.

"I guess it's about time to leave Libya alone and to free it from this Council. Let us decide on our future. Let us take the path and pave the road towards the future we want as Libyans," he stressed.

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