Tokyo Olympics to be held without overseas spectators

Tokyo Olympics to be held without overseas spectators

Japan decides to ban international visitors from attending Olympic, Paralympics to stem spread of coronavirus variants

News Service AA

Japan is planning to hold the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games this summer without international spectators in the fear of coronavirus variants, media reports said on Tuesday.

Kyodo News said the government decided to bar overseas spectators to the Olympics and Paralympics to stem the spread of coronavirus variants.

The government and the summer games' organizing committee in Japan are expected to talk via videoconference with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) next week to make an official decision about overseas visitors.

Meanwhile, the Olympic torch relay will start on March 25 but the opening ceremony of the relay will be without spectators for health reasons.

The 2020 Olympics are scheduled for the Japanese capital from July 23 until Aug. 8, followed by the Paralympics from Aug. 24 to Sept. 5.


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