Cyber-security giant aims to expand business in Turkey

Turkey is an important market for Kaspersky, says CEO of Moscow-based company

Ersin Çelik
14:19 - 22/02/2019 Friday
Update: 14:22 - 22/02/2019 Friday
Eugene Kaspersky
Eugene Kaspersky

The Moscow-based global cyber-security firm Kaspersky Lab plans to expand its operations by 25 percent in Turkey, its CEO said Friday.

"Turkey is an important market for us and we are very interested in further business development in this region," Eugene Kaspersky told Anadolu Agency.

He said the company targeted increased business visibility in Turkey, adding that Kaspersky will continue to sell its products in Turkish currency.

Kaspersky praised Turkey's large young population as a resource to produce future cyber-security professionals.

"We are ready to share the company’s expertise with Turkey and to make substantial contributions to Turkey’s cyber-security strategy," he added.

Kaspersky estimated global costs from cyber crimes at around $600 billion in 2018, comparing it to the cost of the International Space Station, which was $150 billion.

"Our practice shows that even minimal investments in educational programs significantly increase cyber-security levels in companies and enterprises," he said.

Kaspersky added: "This alliance is crucial to see the full picture of cybercrime development and to help fight it, only criminals win if the information is not shared among us."

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