Game of Drones: Pakistani pilots operating Turkish-made Akıncı UCAVs get shiny new patch

14:59 - 3/04/2023 Pazartesi
Update: 15:06 - 3/04/2023 Pazartesi
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File photo

Emphasizing the strong friendship between Türkiye and Pakistan, the Pakistani Air Force has designed a special patch for combat drone pilots who received training at leading Turkish drone manufacturer Baykar last year.

The patch will be worn by the pilots, who are set to operate the seven Bayraktar Akıncı combat drones recently purchased from Türkiye. The first drone has already been delivered to Pakistan, and the rest are expected to soon follow.

According to defense news website MilDefin, the patch depicts Kashmir as part of Pakistan, despite it still being under Indian control. Pakistan is shown in green and Türkiye in red, and a large crescent and star is placed between the maps of the two countries.

The patch features the slogan “Game of Drones,” inspired by the popular TV series Game of Thrones. Another memorable quote from the series, “Fear cuts deeper than swords,” is also included on the patch.

The Akıncı drone is currently being used by the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) and the Turkish Armed Forces, including the Turkish Air Force and the Turkish Land Forces.

To date, the Akıncı has been exported to five countries, including Pakistan, Azerbaijan, and Kyrgyzstan. The Akıncı Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle can carry Göktuğ air-to-air missiles, miniature bombs, SOM cruise missiles, Micro Intelligent Munitions, and Cirit missiles.

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