Vodafone tests Turkey's domestic 4.5G base station

A phone call between Vodafone Turkey official and Besiktas club chief via Turkish ULAK station goes uninterrupted

Anadolu Agency

Vodafone tested Turkish 4.5G-compatible domestic base station, dubbed ULAK, the company said Friday.

According to a statement by the company, Vodafone Turkey's deputy CEO Hasan Suel and Besiktas Chairman Fikret Orman had a phone call ahead of Thursday's match between Besiktas and French club Olympique Lyon.

The company said the phone talk between two figures went uninterrupted.

Vodafone Turkey executive was in Turkey whilst Besiktas chair was in French city Lyon on Thursday night.

"As Vodafone Turkey, we care about supporting domestic production in our investments," Suel said.

ULAK system was developed in cooperation with Turkish telecommunications company NETAS and service provider ARGELA under the supervision of the Defense Industry Undersecratariat.