Albanian court orders extradition of fugitive crypto exchange founder to Türkiye

Faruk Fatih Ozer sought on charges of fraud, founding criminal organization

09:31 . 18/11/2022 Cuma
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An Albanian court on Thursday ordered the extradition to Türkiye of the founder of now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange Thodex.

The Elbasan Court of First Instance decided the extradition of Faruk Fatih Ozer, who was arrested in Albania in August.

Judge Elis Dine said the decision can be appealed to the Durres Court of Appeal within 15 days.

Previous hearings on the case were held on Oct. 6, Oct. 21, Nov. 1, Nov. 10, and Nov. 14.

After being arrested on Aug. 30, the Elbasan Court of First Instance on Sept. 2, ordered the continuation of Ozer's detention, which was appealed by his lawyers on Sept. 14.

The Durres Court of Appeal upheld Ozer's detention on Sept. 20.

A red notice was issued for Ozer on April 23, 2021, by Interpol.

Ozer, 27, sought on charges of fraud and founding a criminal organization, fled Türkiye last year and left investors unable to get their funds.

Türkiye issued an international arrest warrant after he fled with a reported $2 billion in money investors poured into Thodex.

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