Assad delivers weapons to YPG terrorists near Turkey

Assad delivers weapons to YPG terrorists near Turkey

Four aircraft weapons and munitions delivered to YPG terrorist organization in northern Syria by Assad regime

News Service Yeni Şafak
The Syrian government continues its open support of YPG terrorists near the Turkish border, as the Assad regime sent a large amount of weaponry to the group on Sunday, Iranian state-run Fars News said on Tuesday.

The report quoted opposition group Kurdish Council in Syria as saying, "Four military airplanes of the Syrian army carrying weapons and munitions for Kurdish fighters arrived in Qamishli Airport in Hasaka province on Sunday evening."

Assad's open support to YPG came amid growing concern from Turkish authorities over YPG's advance along the border line.

Turkey consider YPG, a Syrian affiliate of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) terrorist, as the same terrorist organization as the PKK and warned against its activities across Turkish border.

Ankara claims PKK's Syrian affiliates aim to establish a Kurdish corridor from northern Iraq to the Mediterranean Sea, an idea it vehemently opposes.

Ankara has condemned Assad for supporting the Kurdish group against Turkey. The latest arms supplies show Ankara is correct in its allegations.

Fars News said the weapons were supplied to Kurdish fighters to launch a comprehensive attack against Daesh in the strategic al-Shadadi town, but the moderate opposition claimed that YPG and Assad forces, supported by Iran and Russia, are assaulting them rather than Daesh terrorists in northern Syria.

The decision over sending weapons to YPG had been taken by Assad government in last December, as Assad said the weapon helps YPG to fight against the 'enemies of Syria'.


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