At least 5 inmates killed after Lebanon prison break

At least 5 inmates killed after Lebanon prison break

Prisoners died in car crash after breaking out of Baabda prison in Beirut, local media reports

News Service AA

At least five inmates died after a prison break in Lebanon’s capital Beirut, local media reported on Saturday.

A number of inmates broke out of their cells in Baabda prison at around dawn and fled to unknown locations, Lebanon’s official news agency said.

Security forces cordoned off nearby areas and were trying to track down the suspects, it said.

Five fugitives died when their car crashed into a tree during a police pursuit, Lebanese news channel OTV reported.

Lebanese authorities have yet to comment or issue a statement on the incident.

Prisons in Lebanon are known to be overcrowded and there have been recent moves for legislation on the matter.

Families have also held protests recently to demand the release of inmates over fears of coronavirus spread in the congested facilities.


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