Belarus begins 3-day military drill in regions bordering Lithuania, Poland

Military exercises to work on issues of security, defense of regional facilities, preparing soldiers to enforce martial law, says Belarusian Defense Ministry

13:11 - 3/04/2024 Wednesday
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File photo

Belarus on Tuesday began a three-day military drill in the country's Gomel region bordering both Russia and war-torn Ukraine, as well as the Grodno region bordering Lithuania and Poland.

The Belarusian Defense Ministry said on Telegram that the drill aims to work on issues of security and the defense of facilities in those regions, while also preparing soldiers to enforce martial law measures “with the involvement of militia volunteers.”

A close ally of Russia, Belarus has been hit by Western sanctions over its support for Moscow's war on Ukraine, now into its third year.

Military analysts and local leaders have suggested that Lithuania and Poland could be targets for future military moves by Russia.

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