Burhan calls on UN to support transitional period in Sudan

Burhan calls on UN to support transitional period in Sudan

Abdel Fattah al-Burhan affirmed cooperation with Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok

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The Chairman of the Sudanese Transitional Sovereignty Council, Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, asked the UN on Thursday to support the transitional period in Sudan.

Al-Burhan met with the UN Secretary-General's representative and head of the UN mission in Sudan, Volker Perthes, and asked for humanitarian aid, according to a statement from al-Burhan's office

During the meeting, al-Burhan affirmed his cooperation with Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok until planned elections and his support for the government Hamdok will form.

Perthes expressed the UN's interest in the success of the transition in Sudan.

Al-Burhan also issued a decree to appoint Khalifa Ahmed Khalifa as Acting Public Prosecutor after relieving Mubarak Mahmoud.

Al-Burhan, the head of the ruling military council, dismissed Hamdok’s transitional government on Oct. 25 amid protests and accusations between the military and politicians.

Hamdok, however, was reinstated Nov. 21 under a political agreement with al-Burhan to end the weeks-long crisis that threatened to undermine Sudan’s transition to democracy.

Before the military takeover, Sudan was administered by a sovereign council of military and civilian officials which was overseeing the transition period until elections in 2023 as part of a precarious power-sharing pact between the military and Forces of Freedom and Change coalition.

*Writing by Ahmed Asmar in Ankara


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