DR Congo demands compensation from Belgium

DR Congo demands compensation from Belgium

Belgian officials regrets on human rights abuse during colonial days are not enough, says Congolese minister

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Belgium should compensate the victims of colonization and their relatives, said Minister Andre Lite of Human Rights of Democratic Republic of Congo on Friday.

In an interview with local newspaper 7sur7CD, the minister said the regrets of some Belgium officials about abuses of human rights by their country during colonial days in Congo are not enough.

"The regrets of certain Belgian officials will never be enough in the face of their obligation to grant reparations to the victims of colonization and their relatives. It is contradictory or illogical to claim to be part of the respectful state and pretend not to know anything about serious crimes that were committed in the past," he said.

Lite also reaffirmed the determination of the Congolese government to seek compensation.

"Although the horizon seems to be getting darker, after so many years of both denial of truth and the reparations to which our country is entitled from Belgium, our determination to achieve it remains intact," said the minister.

Lite's remarks came days after the regret of King Philippe of Belgium on the occasion of its 60th anniversary of independence.

"I want to express my deepest regrets for these injuries from the past," Philippe said.


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