EU hints at new measures on Syria

EU hints at new measures on Syria

Bloc ready to consider imposing further measures after suspected chemical attack in Syria

News Service AA

The European Union hinted on Monday that the bloc would take more measures against Syria in regard to a suspected chemical attack by the Syrian regime.
“In July 2017 and in March 2018, the EU imposed additional restrictive measures on Syrian high-level officials and scientists for their role in the development and use of chemical weapons and is ready to consider imposing further measures going forward,” said the bloc’s Foreign Affairs Council in a statement after meeting in Luxembourg.

The statement reiterated the bloc’s support for the U.S.-led airstrikes against Syrian regime’s reported chemical sites.
“The targeted U.S., French, and U.K. airstrikes on chemical weapons facilities in Syria were specific measures having been taken with the sole objective to prevent further use of chemical weapons and chemical substances as weapons by the Syrian regime to kill its own people,” the statement read.
The U.S., France, and Britain launched the strikes days after a suspected chemical attack killed dozens in the town of Douma in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta.
The EU has taken measures against 261 people -- such as travel bans and asset freezes -- for being responsible for violent repression against civilians in Syria and for benefiting from or supporting the regime.
The bloc said 67 more entities had also been targeted by asset freezes.


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