Germany says Putin’s war on Ukraine is ‘crusade’ against West

German chancellor accuses Russia of launching vigorous campaign against liberal democracies, rules-based international order

13:54 . 13/10/2022 Thursday
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has slammed Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday, accusing him of launching a crusade against the West and the rules-based international order.

“This war is not only about Ukraine. (Putin and his enablers) consider the war against Ukraine to be part of a larger crusade,” Scholz said in a video message for the Progressive Governance Summit.

“A crusade against liberal democracy. A crusade against the rules-based international order. A crusade against freedom and progress,” the Social Democrat politician said.

“A crusade against our way of life. And a crusade against what Putin calls the collective West. He means all of us,” Scholz added.

His comments came days after Russia launched a wave of missile strikes across Ukraine this week, following a blast which damaged a strategic bridge linking Russia and Crimea.

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