Germany to introduce new conscription model for army: Defense minister

Amid new security threats and vast shortage of military personnel, Germany will try to increase number of willing recruits, says Boris Pistorius

11:03 - 13/06/2024 Thursday
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File photo

Germany will introduce a new conscription model for the army, Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced on Wednesday.

Speaking at a news conference in Berlin, Pistorius said the government will not bring back the general conscription model of Cold War era, but will focus on increasing the number of willing recruits.

“Young men who turn 18 will receive a questionnaire from us containing questions about qualifications, interests, affection for sports, and whether they are interested in volunteering for the armed forces,” he said, adding that filling out this questionnaire and submitting it online to the authorities will be compulsory.

“Women who turn 18 will also receive this questionnaire, but not with an obligation, because they are not subject to conscription according to our constitution,” he said, but underlined that they will continue taking steps to increase the number of women who voluntarily serve in the military.

“We currently have 10,000 volunteers doing military service. With the introduction of this new model, we assume that we will be able to train 5,000 additional military service members in the first year. Our aim is to let this number grow year after year,” Pistorius said.

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