Global coalition vows to tackle Daesh terror group

GCAD Foreign Ministers' meeting began early Tuesday

Anadolu Agency

The Global Coalition Against Daesh (GCAD) said late Tuesday it is determined to fight against Daesh terrorists and the increasing cross-border terror threat.

"The coalition is determined to be constantly prepared, adaptive and flexible for the inevitable development of the Daesh terror group," it said in a joint declaration following the GCAD Foreign Ministers’ meeting in Kuwait.

Noting that the coalition aimed to eradicate the terror group, the declaration called on the coalition to maintain coordination, adapt to the changing nature of the terror threat and focus on the organization’s structure and branches.

In order to ensure stability within the areas of Iraq and Syria liberated from Daesh, the coalition said it is “working hard to strengthen the gains against Daesh terrorists and prevent it from re-emerging by supporting political and security reforms in Iraq.

“Thanks to the endeavors the coalition has made in the past three years, Daesh's situation. has deteriorated, [with the terror group] losing all of its land in Iraq while holding a small portion in Syria."

With 74 members, the GCAD was formed in September 2014 and is committed to degrading and defeating the terror group.

Beyond the military campaign in Syria and Iraq, the coalition also aims to tackle Daesh's financing and economic infrastructure, prevent foreign terrorists from crossing borders and support stabilization and restoration in the areas liberated from Daesh.


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