Iran makes unprecedented progress in enriching uranium program: Israel

12:15 - 24/05/2023 Çarşamba
File photo
File photo

Israel’s army chief of staff has said Iran has made unprecedented progress in its uranium enrichment program.

“Iran has made more progress in the field of uranium enrichment than ever before. We are closely examining additional domains that lead to nuclear capability,” said Chief of the General Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi at the Herzliya Conference, according to an army statement on Tuesday.

“There are possible negative developments on the horizon that could lead to action,” he added.

Halevi stressed Israel’s “ability to hit Iran,” noting: “We are not indifferent to what Iran is trying to build around us, and it is difficult for Iran to be indifferent to the line we are taking."

Meanwhile, Halevi said he considered that "Hezbollah has been deterred from an all-out war against Israel.”

“We have good readiness in the northern arena,” he also said.

He also noted that “Iran uses Syria as a potential zone for combat with Israel.”

“I would like to remind (head of the Syrian regime) Bashar al-Assad of one very interesting fact in a period where data is being talked about: Iranian-backed countries have failed. If he wants to build up after the civil war, let him be aware of that,” the official added.

There was no comment from Iranian authorities on the statements.

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