Iraq frees three abducted civilians near Mosul

The Daesh presence has recently been purged from Iraq

Anadolu Agency

Three abducted civilians were freed by Iraqi security forces near the northern city of Mosul on Monday, according to a local police officer.

The three were set free during a raid on a building where they were held in Zumani village, west of Mosul, Capt. Mohamed al-Hindawi told Anadolu Agency.

It remains unclear whether the three had been abducted for ransom.

Meanwhile, Police Lieutenant Iyad al-Asali said the abductor of the three was arrested after a local woman had recognized him.

He said the abductor was a member of Daesh when the terrorist group was still in control of the city.

The Daesh presence has recently been purged from Iraq -- by Iraqi forces and a U.S.-led military coalition -- after the terrorist group overran much of the country in 2014.

Iraqi officials, however, continue to warn of Daesh “sleeper cells” that they say remain in the country.


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