Iraq special advance further in eastern Mosul

Reuters Agency
Iraqi special forces made further advances against Daesh terrorist organization in Mosul on Monday, pushing terrorists out of another district a day after driving them back to the eastern bank of the Tigris river, a spokesman said.

The elite counter-terrorism service (CTS) had taken full control of the Baladiyat district and encircled neighbouring Sukkar, Sabah al-Numan said.

The advance also consolidated Iraqi forces' control of several districts close to the ruins of the ancient Assyrian city of Nineveh, east of the river.

A U.S.-backed offensive to drive Daesh out of Mosul, its last major Iraqi stronghold, has gained momentum since the beginning of the year.

CTS forces reached the east bank of the Tigris on Sunday, an advance which will eventually enable them to begin assaults on the city's west, all of which Daesh still holds.

Recapture of Mosul after more than two years of Daesh rule would probably spell the end of its self-declared caliphate, which spans areas of Iraq and Syria.