Iraq to purchase Bayraktar drones from Turkey

11:20 - 29/08/2021 Sunday
Update: 11:25 - 29/08/2021 Sunday
Yeni Şafak
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Iraq will purchase drones, combat helicopters, and mobile electronic warfare systems manufactured by Turkey, Baghdad’s Defense Minister Juma Anaad Sadoun said.

As reported by Yeni Şafak daily, the minister announced an agreement to purchase a Bayraktar TB2 UAV, 12 T129 ATAK helicopters, and six KORAL mobile electronic warfare systems from Ankara.

He attended the International Defense Industry Exhibition in Istanbul last week and held meetings with senior officials of Turkish defense.

Sadoun, who was a guest on Iraqi TV channel Al Sharqiya, said that the two allies had "reached a consensus" on the Bayraktar TB2 UAV, adding that Iraq "intended" to purchase 12 T129 ATAK helicopters, and also sent a "request to buy" six mobile electronic warfare systems.

T-129 ATAK Helicopter

The Bayraktar TB2 armed UAV, which was developed and manufactured by Turkish defense company Baykar Technologies, has been used by the Turkish Armed Forces and the country’s Security Directorate since 2015, most recently credited for Azerbaijan’s military success in the Karabakh conflict.

The TB2 armed UAV was developed for tactical reconnaissance and surveillance missions; it can also carry ammo and conduct assaults with a laser-target designator.

Turkey’s combat drones had reportedly destroyed the Russian-made Pantsir missile systems in Syria, Libya, and Nagorno-Karabakh, as Ankara’s deployment of UAVs was credited for the victories clenched by Turkey’s allies from Asia to Africa.

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