Israel spraying herbicides on Gaza farmlands

Some 44,000 Gazans are working in agriculture

Ersin Çelik
Ersin Çelik
13:10 . 4/03/2018 Pazar
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File Photo

Israeli aircraft on Sunday sprayed herbicides along border with the Gaza Strip, according to a Palestinian official.

“These chemicals cause damage to agricultural crops and harm farmlands,” Nizar al-Wahedi of the Palestinian Agriculture Ministry told Anadolu Agency.

He said the Palestinian ministry was not aware of the composition of the Israeli chemicals being sprayed on Palestinian lands.

“Israel has no right to spray herbicides on Palestinian farmlands,” he said.

According to Israeli Gisha NGO, the Israeli spraying operations aim to get rid of unneeded grass along border with the Palestinian territory.

Some 44,000 Palestinians are working in agriculture, making up around 11 percent of the territory's work force.

Home to nearly two million Palestinians, the Gaza Strip has been reeling under a crippling Israeli blockade since 2007.

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Israel spraying herbicides on Gaza farmlands
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