Israeli armored vehicles present in area during 6-year-old's killing in Gaza: Report

Washington Post investigation also finds that damage caused to ambulance consistent with a round fired by Israeli tanks

12:22 - 17/04/2024 Çarşamba
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Israeli armored vehicles were present in the area where a car in which 6-year-old Palestinian Hind Rajab and her family were trapped came under fire in Gaza City, contrary to the Israeli army's claim, according to a report Tuesday

The Washington Post reported that based on an analysis of satellite imagery, recordings, photos and videos and interviews, Israeli armored vehicles were present in the area in the afternoon and that gunfire was audible as Hind and her cousin begged for help.

The damage caused to an ambulance carrying paramedics trying to save them was consistent with the use of a round fired by Israeli tanks, it reported, citing six munitions experts.

The Israeli army told The Washington Post that they were “not present near the vehicle or within the firing range” of the Rajab family's car.

Asked about the report, State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said the Israeli army told them that none of their units were in the area, contrary to the findings of The Washington Post investigation.

“What we're going to do is take the information that is contained in that Washington Post story. We're going to go back to the government of Israel and ask them for further information,” Miller said.

“We would still welcome a full investigation into this matter and how it occurred in the first place,” he added.

Rajab became trapped in her family car on Jan. 29 after it came under Israeli army fire in Gaza City and was found dead after nearly two weeks of uncertainty.

Hind was traveling with her family, including her 15-year-old cousin Layan Hamadeh, fleeing fighting in northern Gaza when they came under Israeli fire, according to the Palestine Red Crescent.

Surrounded by the bodies of relatives, they called for help, and a Red Crescent ambulance was dispatched.

According to the humanitarian group, Layan was killed while speaking to the Red Crescent team by phone as gunfire could be heard in the background.

When the team called back, it was Hind who answered, possibly the only survivor in the car. Soon after, they lost all contact with her.

The Red Crescent said the bodies of two of its paramedics, Youssef Zeino and Ahmed Al-Madhoon, who went out on a mission to rescue the little girl, had also been found.

When asked by Anadolu on Feb. 12 about Rajab's killing, Miller said he was “devastated” over the “heartbreaking” death of a 6-year-old girl in Gaza and had called for an urgent investigation into the incident.

The Geneva-based Euro-Med Monitor said shell fragments of an American-made M830A1 projectile were found at the site of the bombed Red Crescent ambulance that was looking for Rajab's family.

Asked about the reports of American-made weapons found at the scene, Miller said he was not able to verify them.

“Whether weapons are provided by the United States or that they have acquired through some other method or that they manufacture them themselves, it is our expectation that they use them in full compliance with the laws of war, and we engage with them on that matter,” he said.

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