Nationalization of Turkey's defense industry to cut import dependency

Nationalization of Turkey's defense industry to cut import dependency

Turkish barrel manufacturer produces home-grown solutions for strategic products in Turkish defense and aerospace industry

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Turkey's efforts for the indigenization of strategic products such as barrels and rocket bodies for the defense and aerospace industry have begun to bear its fruits.

Repkon, Turkish company operating in metal forming sector, offers indigenous solutions to open and tacit embargo especially in 5.56, 7.62, 9 and 12.7 mm calibrated barrel production while getting rid of import dependency.

With the coordination and guidance of the Presidency of the Defense Industries, Repkon managed to put rifle barrel of 40 mm calibrated grenade launcher into use.

Repkon has been providing technological solutions in metal forming sector for more than 40 years, and attracts attention of national and international companies with its strategic products for defense and aerospace industry.

The company manufactures machines that can produce high precision components for the defense and aerospace industries through a cold process -- such as flow forming --, shearforming and hot spinning.

Repkon stands out in the sector with its critical flow forming technology, which is very rare in the world for the production of rotational symmetrical parts.

In flow forming process, the inner barrel of the wheel is put under pressure once casted while it is being spun at high speed, which makes the product thinner and lighter.

Repkon, with its innovative and outstanding solutions, will participate in the 14th International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF'19).

The company maintain its works on the production of short-medium and long-range rocket bodies. In this context, the rocket body with a diameter of 610 millimeters will be presented to the attention of national and international participants of the IDEF.


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