Pakistan, Turkey to form joint health task force: PM Khan

Pakistan, Turkey to form joint health task force: PM Khan

Premier says task force will be established for both countries to cooperate in field of health

News Service AA

Pakistan and Turkey have agreed to cooperate in the field of health by setting up a task force, the country's premier said on Friday.

Imran Khan’s remarks came in a meeting with Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca and ministry officials accompanying in the capital Ankara.

During the meet, Khan and Koca discussed ways of cooperation on health tourism, city hospitals, medication and production of medical devices as well as technology transfer.

Khan said a task force will be set up for authorities from both countries to work in cooperation on Turkey’s transformation model in health that it currently implements, hospitals built in public-private partnership and medication and medical devices.

Koca hailed the country's transformation model in health, saying it enables all the people to have access to health services.


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