Pentagon denies eyeing Greece for Incirlik replacement

Pentagon denies eyeing Greece for Incirlik replacement

Pentagon says its 'continued presence' at Incirlik 'demonstrates ongoing and strong relationship between' US, Turkey

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The Department of Defense on Tuesday denied comments from a senator who suggested the US was building up its capacity on a Greek island as a replacement for its presence at a Turkish air base.

Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Thomas Campbell told Anadolu Agency the US "has no plans to end our presence at Incirlik Air Base" after Senator Ron John told the Washington Examiner newspaper that the US is seeking to increase its presence at the naval base on Crete as an alternative.

"The U.S. has operated at Incirlik Air Base for decades at the invitation of the Turkish government, and our continued presence there demonstrates the ongoing and strong relationship between the United States and our NATO Ally Turkey,” Campbell said in an email exchange.


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