Pizzagate scandal: Clinton inner-circle's satanism and pedophilia

A shocking child abuse scandal allegedly involving those close to Hillary Clinton's election campaign is unraveling through internet websites where children's photos were secretly advertised

Ersin Çelik
16:50 - 17/11/2016 Thursday
Update: 17:11 - 17/11/2016 Thursday
Yeni Şafak

That Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta finds himself at the very center of this exploding Beltway scandal only complicates matters for so many.

Photos posted on the internet's 4Chan and Reddit are part of an extremely bizarre investigation following Podesta's e-mail leak.

After several documents were leaked, it was suggested that child abuse had been systematical and organized where top politicians from the Democratic Party and elite figures from Washington are involved.

This secret pedophilia organization was carried out by James Achilles Alefantis, owner of a well-known pizza parlor in Washington D.C. named Comet Ping Pong.

This child-abuse scandal is known as Pizzagate, which involves allegations about a number of politicians, businessmen and celebrities involved in statutory rape child abuse in Washington D.C.

U.S. President Barack Obama, Democratic Party Nominee for the last election Hillary Clinton, David Brock, George Soros, Marina Abramoviç and Johan Podesta.

Podesta was President Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff and President Barack Obama's “Counselor to the President".

This elite child trafficking network celebrates its tendencies using code words and disturbing artworks.

According to the Pizzagate scandal allegations, these people order children from the Pizza delivery shop using code names, such as “Pizza: kid", “Cheese: underage girl", “Macaroni: underage boy".

WikiLeaks-leaked emails show that these well-known names mail-order the “children" under the code of cheese, pizza, pasta etc. for their parties, paying a high price to the shop.

It is claimed that children of refugee and immigrant families are kidnapped and sold for money for these twisted parties.

Even President Obama himself was among the customers, as a photo published by Alefantis' Instagram page showed Obama playing Ping-Pong with a child in the pizza shop.

Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager John Podesta were invited to a 'Sprit Cooking" event. Picture of the event shows bizarre figures of Satanism and Pedophilia.

The dinner was prepared by notorious occultist Marina Abramoviç, who is known for conducting magic rituals in private events using children.

Marina Abramoviç is considered to be the “grandmother of performance art". Most of her work, however, takes place in private settings where she conducts magic rituals. She is an important and powerful figure in pop culture and is greatly influential in Hollywood, the fashion world and the music business.

The Pizza shop owner, Alefantis, has strong ties with Clinton and other elite figures of the party, as he shared photos of Brock, advisor to Clinton, on his Instagram page.

Pizzashop's Instagram page also published a letter from Clinton addressing Alefantis for his invitation to the “Cooking" event.

Clinton's letter also stated that Tony and Johan Podesta hosted the event on fundraising for her party's election campaign.

Financial bonds between Alefantis, the organizer of pedophilia trafficking, and Clinton is also available on FEC system.

After the documents were leaked, Alefantis deleted his posts and switched his social media accounts to private.

Alefantis had also shared a picture of Obama playing ping pong with a kid.

He is the romantic partner of former CTR director David Brock, advisor to Clinton.

Brock established the American Bridge 21st Century in order to support Clinton's election campaign, in which George Soros was the biggest donor.

Recently leaked documents show that the American Bridge 21st Century had transferred huge amounts of money, in a periodic way.

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