Pro-Palestine protesters denounce Biden outside fundraiser venue in New York

Hundreds of activists gather outside iconic Radio City Music Hall

11:15 - 29/03/2024 Friday
File photo
File photo

Hundreds of pro-Palestine protesters converged on Radio City Music Hall in New York City during a fundraising event Thursday for US President Joe Biden ahead of November’s presidential elections.

The angry crowd demonstrated against Biden's support for Israel.

Biden, along with former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, who support him, became the target of protesters at the fundraiser organized by the Democratic Party with a goal of raising $25 million.

The demonstrators, protesting Israel's continued killing of civilians in Gaza and the US's failure to support a lasting cease-fire in the region, chanted slogans including “Genocide Joe has got to go!" and "Free, Free Palestine."

Many of the protesters waved Palestinian flags and others held signs denouncing Biden and the Democratic Party as “war criminals.”

Amid extraordinary security measures, they also called for an urgent cease-fire in Gaza, urging Democratic voters in New York, where primary elections are ongoing in the context of the 2024 presidential race, to protest by casting blank votes at the ballot box.

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