PYD, Assad, Iran reach secret deal as FSA advances toward al Bab

Following the Syrian opposition’s mobilization towards al Bab, a Daesh headquarters, the Assad regime, PYD terrorists and Iran hold a meeting to cut a new joint assault deal

Ersin Çelik
11:39 - 18/11/2016 Friday
Update: 12:02 - 18/11/2016 Friday
Yeni Şafak

Alarmed over the heroic advance of Turkish military-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters toward Daesh stronghold Al-Bab in northern Syria, the Assad regime, PYD terror group and Iran agreed on a deal for conducting a joint assault against probable FSA advance in Manbij, Tal Abyad and Afrin.

The sneaky plan surfaced after the Turkish-backed forces reached the outskirts of Al-Bab, attempting to surround the city, where around 200 terror elements are staying.

According to the secret meeting, held in Damascus, all parties are likeminded that they would cooperate in confrontation against Turkey-backed forces, if they advance toward more cities in northern Syria.

A Baath Deputy representing Bashar al Assad, a political representative from Ayn Al-Arab for the terror group PYD, officials from the Syrian intelligence and the deputy of Qasem Sulaimani, Iran's top commander on Syria and Iraq issues, attended the meeting.

They agreed that the Shi'ite militia group would be stationed in YPG-held territory in northern Syria then move to battlefields in the area.

Around 70 Shi'ite elements from Muhammed Bakir Brigade were sent to Tal Abyad from Deraa and Damascus, shortly after the meeting.

Moreover, an operation office of Syrian intelligence is decided to be established in Tal Abyad to follow up the whole northern part.

The parties around the table of the secret meeting had the similar ideas that the regime-controlled Aleppo and YPG-held Manbij and Afrin would be in danger, if the Turkey-FSA alliance captures Al-Bab from Daesh terrorists.

So, the regime forces would attack FSA from Aleppo, the southern part of Al-Bab, and YPG would join them from Manbij the eastern part of the city, under the trio deal.

Following the meeting, the Assad regime has moved 800 troops from Tartus and 60 tanks and armored vehicles from Homs to Kuwairiz, the closest regime position to al Bab.

The YPG-Assad's regime-Daesh deal and disillusions

The deal also includes that the YPG terrorists would support the regime in Al-Bab, while the regime supports YPG in Al Afer and Sinjar.

Shi'ite Hashdi Shaabi militia group will cooperate with YPG in Qamishli and Tal Afer as around 800 militants would join in the attack on Tal Afar, a Turkmen populated city.

Meanwhile, YPG terrorists, who declared their withdrawal from Manbij, and their return to the eastern part of the Euphrates this week, have started advancing toward the west of Manbij in contradiction of their statement, signing an open support to the regime.

YPG captured 8 villages on Manbij-al Bab line from Daesh without firing a single bullet, which unveils another dirty deal between Daesh and YPG.

Sources said there was a $75,000 deal between YPG-Daesh and that Daesh handed over 7 villages to the YPG terror group.

But at the very last moment, conflict occurred over the method of payment that brought heavy clashes in Kubbes, the eighth and strategic village in the area.

Turkey sent additional troops, heavy weapons and military vehicles to its southern border over these developments.

Storm howitzers were stationed closed to the zero point of the Turkish-Syria border line for the first time since Turkey launched the operation in northern Syria.

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