Russia sends 310 more mercenaries to Libya

Fighters dispatched to Libya following intensive training in Russia’s Latakia base in Syria

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17:17 - 5/02/2021 Cuma
Update: 17:21 - 5/02/2021 Cuma
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Russia has sent 310 more mercenaries from Syria to Libya to aid renegade warlord Khalifa Haftar, local sources told Anadolu Agency.

The fighters aged between 20-45 were recruited for training in Russia's Latakia base in Syria. They are promised a monthly salary of $1,000 to 1,500.

The mercenaries have completed an intensive military training program. They were sent to Libya Thursday on a military cargo plane.

The move comes despite a cease-fire agreement reached last October between Libya’s warring sides which also called for the withdrawal of all mercenaries from Libya within three months of its signing. The deadline expired on Jan. 23.

On Jan. 22, Russia sent 300 mercenaries to back the Haftar militia violating the deadline.

In total, Russia has dispatched around 6,000 mercenaries from regions in Syria under the regime to fight in Libya at different times.

*Ibrahim Mukhtar contributed to this report from Ankara

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