South Africa exhibits relics of Prophet Muhammad

Relics which date back to 1440 years are exhibited for first time in South Africa

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Muslims in South Africa have been given an opportunity for the first time to view the holy relics of Prophet Muhammad at an ongoing exhibition in the country.

The exhibition is hosted by South African group Chishty Sabiree Jahangiri Khanqa in collaboration with Sayyid Ehraz Ahmad, the 15th generation custodian of the relics housed at the Jama Mosque based in Delhi India.

“There are 10 items to be exhibited. Some of them include a hair of the prophet, one of the prophet’s sandals, a prophet’s cloak, and a piece of another cloak of the prophet that still has the smell of musk on it,” the event’s spokesman Naeem Khan told Anadolu Agency via phone from Cape Town.

He also said other items at display include a piece of the prophet’s turban, sand from his grave and an ancient lock used on the Prophet's burial place at Medina’s grand Mosque.

Khan said the International Sacred Trusts Exhibition opened on Feb. 22 in South Africa, and was hosted in the cities of Johannesburg and Durban. It will end today at the Gatesville Mosque in Cape Town.

“The aim of our exhibition is to inspire people to love the Prophet Muhammad [Peace be upon him] and also protect our Islamic heritage,’’ he said.

Khan said many people came to see the relics which he hopes will inspire them to follow the teachings and the life of the prophet.


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