South African biker cycles 8,800 km for autism

Grant Cameron-Smith arrives in Istanbul from London to highlight plight of autistic people

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12:43 - 29/06/2019 Cumartesi
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After covering 8,800 kilometers (5,470 miles) by bike from London, a South African cyclist has arrived in Istanbul to raise global awareness of autism.

Grant Cameron-Smith, 56, also known on social media as “CrazyBikeGuy,” began his challenging journey on March 13, peddling towards Turkey to draw attention to the plight of adults and children suffering from the complex neurobehavioral condition known as autism.

He said his journey aims to highlight the lack of initiatives, to help integrate autistic people into society, as well as to raise funds for an autism charity in South Africa.

On the way, the South African activist was forced to stop in Portugal for two weeks due to bad weather.

"When I started this trip, I never understood how wonderful people really are," Cameron-Smith told Anadolu Agency.

Cameron-Smith, a business consultant and an official at the autism charity, said that people all around the Europe invited him into their homes, despite him being a stranger. He said people who had very little for themselves opened their purse strings to donate to his charity.

As for Turkish people, he called them the friendliest of all the people he met during his 70-day journey.

"I’ve met more people who waved, honked, stopped, and talked to me over the last two days than maybe the whole rest of the trip combined."

Telling how none of his family members has autism, Cameron-Smith said he cycles for those people affected by the condition, as he feels society is not looking after them well.

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