Sweden dismiss swimming head for anti-headscarf remarks

Sweden dismiss swimming head for anti-headscarf remarks

Swimming federation president criticized children athletes using headscarf

News Service AA

The Swedish Athletic Federation dismissed its swimming federation president due to anti-headscarf criticisms Thursday.
The federation decided Ulla Gustavsson will be removed from office after a meeting.
The federation said it would not discriminate against athletes, nor allow anyone to do it.
The move came after Gustavsson criticized a photograph of an athlete wearing a headscarf in the publication of the athletic federation’s online website.
“Headscarf is a means of pressure on children and a sign of sexuality. Child marriage, honor killings, do we have a place for these in our values? If immigrants want to do sports, they can do it without a headscarf," Gustavsson said.
Swimming Federation Vice President Stefan Persson criticized the remarks and said the group serves all children on equal terms.


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