Sweden’s Muslim-friendly Nuance Party to launch fundraiser ahead of 2022 elections

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12:01 . 22/01/2021 Friday
Yeni Şafak
​Sweden’s Nuance Party (Partiet Nyans) chairman Mikail Yüksel

​Sweden’s Nuance Party (Partiet Nyans) chairman Mikail Yüksel

Sweden’s new Muslim-friendly Nuance Party (Partiet Nyans) is set to launch a fundraiser in a bid to secure funds as it prepares to compete in the upcoming 2022 elections.

Speaking to Yeni Şafak daily, chairman Mikail Yüksel said the party hopes to raise 3,000,000 SEK (360,000 USD) to fund its election campaign. “If just over 3000 people donate around $100 each then we will easily reach our goal of 360,000 USD”.

Video advertisements for the campaign will also be broadcasted soon to raise awareness about the pressing challenges facing Muslims in Sweden as the country grapples with a rising tide of Islamophobia and the growing popularity of right-wing politics.

“We aim to garner support from Muslims mainly in the West, but we also target those abroad as well with our universal message against Islamophobia. Our goal is to stop Sweden from becoming another France,” said Yüksel, in reference to the rampant anti-Muslim legislations that are being helmed by the government of French President Emmanuel Macron.

The Nuance Party is aiming to target voters in cities such as Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm, all of which are home to sizable Muslim populations, in a bid to counter the racist policies of mainstream parties in Sweden.

“We don’t only aim to counter Islamophobia and discrimination. We’re planning to tackle issues such as healthcare, education and rampant crime which directly impact the Muslim community, particularly in the suburbs of these urban centers, which make up almost 8 percent of the population.”

Yüksel also pointed that the new party hopes to become an alternative to the more traditional center-left and left-wing red and green parties, which Muslims had voted for in earlier elections.

“In certain districts and regions, we only need hundreds or a few thousand votes to secure representation for Muslims and minorities,” continued Yüksel, adding that the Nuance Party will first compete in elections for local councils, where it can make a real difference.

“We registered and got approval to take part in all three legislative elections in Sweden, and we’re aiming to compete for parliament seats in the future,” concluded Yüksel.

Earlier this month, the Nuance Party became the target of a smear campaign launched by racists in the country aiming to intimidate voters, who received letters containing distorted information and outright lies about the party’s agenda.

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Sweden’s Muslim-friendly Nuance Party to launch fundraiser ahead of 2022 elections
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