Taliban announces readiness to 'positively' interact with international community

Taliban announces readiness to 'positively' interact with international community

Amir Khan Mutaqqi meets US officials at head of Taliban delegation in Qatari capital in first interaction between two sides

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The Taliban Foreign Affairs Minister Amir Khan Mutaqqi said Saturday that the group remains ready to “positively” interact with the international community as he held talks with US officials in Doha.

Mutaqqi met US officials at the head of a Taliban delegation in the Qatari capital for the first official interaction between the two sides after the group's rise to power in Afghanistan.

Mutaqqi said that the sides discussed "opening a new page" with the US and prioritized humanitarian aid, according to Al Jazeera.

Afghanistan's state-owned Bakhtar news agency reported that the continuation of humanitarian aid, full implementation of the Doha Agreement, respect for Afghanistan's territorial integrity and non-interference in each other's affairs were discussed.

"We will have detailed discussions with the US delegation as well as with representatives of European countries in the coming days. We have made it clear to the United States that destabilizing Afghanistan and weakening the current government is not in anyone's interest. Stability and positive interaction with the world in Afghanistan is in everyone's interest. No attempt should be made to weaken the current government and cause problems for Afghans," Bakhtar quoted the minister.

It said Mutaqqi demanded the US release Afghanistan's frozen state assets.

"Afghans are facing economic and other challenges and efforts must be made to address them. The new government is committed to interacting positively with the international community, paving the way for the regular distribution of international aid, paying government employees, and providing facilities and services to the people of Afghanistan," he said.


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