Turkey amasses tanks along Syria border

80 tracked military vehicles, including tanks sent to border near southern Hatay’s Iskenderun district: military source

Ersin Çelik
09:17 - 18/09/2017 Pazartesi
Update: 09:19 - 18/09/2017 Pazartesi
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File photo

Turkey has amassed 80 tracked military vehicles, including tanks as part of its military reinforcements along its southern border with Syria, according to a military source Sunday.

The military vehicles were brought to the border line near southern Hatay province’s Iskenderun district.

The new deployment is part of a fresh reinforcement for troops already stationed there, the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to restrictions on talking to the media, said.

On Saturday, the army also dispatched a number of heavy equipment, first aid trucks and military vehicles to the same district.

Another convoy of armored vehicles was heading towards Hatay’s Rehyanli district along the Syrian border, the source added.

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