'Turkey, Russia determined to normalize ties'

Presidents Erdoğan and Putin see eye to eye, especially on resuming bilateral energy projects and tourism, however the Syrian crisis warrants more discussion

Ersin Çelik
19:00 - 9/08/2016 Tuesday
Update: 16:02 - 9/08/2016 Tuesday
Yeni Şafak

Turkish and Russian leaders agree on several issues as part of normalizing relations as both leaders met in St. Petersburg for the first time after the jet downing incidents last November.

Russia and Turkey took a gigantic step towards normalizing ties on Tuesday, when Russian President Vladimir Putin met his visiting Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, agreeing to resume several bilateral projects, including the nuclear power plant, the Turkish Steam Gas Pipeline and the Charter flights to Turkey.

Turkish and Russian citizens expect restoration on many fronts: Erdoğan

In a joint press conference, both leaders agreed that the meeting was highly important for Russian - Turkey ties.

President Erdoğan said both countries' citizens expect a restoration of normal ties on many fronts like economic, political and humanitarian issues.

“We have reached agreement on construction of the nuclear plant,” Erdoğan said.

He also added that both countries were committed to returning to pre-crisis ties.

Putin also said that energy will be a key element of Turkey Russia Trade Corporation.

“Here, it is important to mention the Turkish Stream and nuclear power plant project.

Erdoğan underlined that trade sanctions should be dropped.

“The Turkish Stream will be completed, we will facilitate deliveries of RUS gas supplies to the EU through this route,” he added.

Turkish President also expressed his gratitude to the Russian leader for moral, psychological support after the pro-FETÖ coup attempt.

“President Putin's call right after the coup attempt was psychologically very important and meaningful for us,” said Erdoğan.

“We have received assurances of safety for Russian tourists in Turkey,” Putin said and announced that Russia would resume charter flights to Turkey.

But he added that it would be a matter of time before visitor numbers escalate back to normal.

Syrian conflict to be discussed separately

The Syrian conflict will be discussed in the next hours, Putin added.

“We will discuss Syria after this press conference and also meet heads of companies from both countries,” Putin said.

Much work required for restoration of economic ties: Putin

“Much work is needed to restore economic ties, we intend to gradually remove restrictions on Turkish companies,” he added.

“We condemn unconstitutional actions in Turkey, and hope the Turkish people can resolve the situation,” the Russian leader said, in reference to the coup attempt.

“We want a restoration of relations. Economic ties, fight against terrorism. Very happy to have this opportunity. Our views don't match on the Syrian Crisis, but we will try to find common ground. A democratic solution is needed there,” Putin said.

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