Turkic World project aims to keep 300 MLN abreast of events: Erdogan aide

Turkic World project aims to keep 300 MLN abreast of events: Erdogan aide

News Service Yeni Şafak, Trend

The “Turkic World” project, established to publish news from Turkic-speaking states, ensures the demand for information in the field of media is met, top advisor to Turkey’s president Yalcin Topcu told Trend News Agency.

“The platform aims to provide about 300 million readers in six independent states with information from local sources,” he said.

Topcu stressed the importance of creating and developing information portals, which, unlike traditional media, transmit information more rapidly.

“In addition, the 'Turkic World' media project will provide information on cultural, social, linguistic and educational issues to brotherly peoples living hundreds of kilometers from each other about their compatriots. As a representative of the Turkic world, I would like to thank the founders of this project, which meets our need for information,” Topcu added.

On May 24, 2021, the presentation of the first digital project 'Turkic World' took place in Baku. The presentation ceremony was attended by the heads of media structures, diplomats of the Turkic-speaking states, MPs and representatives of the public.

The unique software makes it possible to upgrade the project and connect other Turkic-speaking states, in addition to its participants, to the digital platform. A mobile version of the digital platform has also been developed.


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