Turkish company to build Maldives' largest mosque

Turmaks to construct 6-floor, multi-facility King Salman Mosque

Ersin Çelik
08:09 - 30/03/2017 Thursday
Update: 08:12 - 30/03/2017 Thursday
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File photo

A Turkish contractor will build the largest mosque in the Maldives that will hold 6,000 worshippers, the company said Wednesday.

The Saudi Arabian-funded King Salman Mosque that is scheduled to open next October will have six floors and was planned to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the independence of the Maldives.

"Turkish originated materials will be used largely during the construction process,” according to the Turmaks company that has three other construction projects in the country.

The mosque will have various facilities including a library, multipurpose assembly halls and a conference room.

"We are starting a joint venture with another Turkish company, Alke Insaat, which has 62 years of experience, in the King Salman Mosque project,” Turmaks said in a statement.

"We are about to complete the 200-bed Tree Top Hospital, which is the most advanced hospital in Hulhumale, Maldives. This hospital project was also entirely planned and designed by Turkish engineers and architects," the company added.

The Maldives Ministry of Housing said Saudi Arabia will provide $24 million toward the King Salman Mosque project.

Turmaks was established in 1997 and is a major Turkish manufacturer of fast support and mobile field hospitals.

The company has completed several health care projects in Turkey, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Darfur (in western Sudan), Ghana, Ivory Coast, Maldives, Mali and Nigeria.

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