Two Russian strategic bombers carry out training flight over Chukchi Sea

Su-30SM fighter jets accompanied bombers, providing cover during 12-hour flight

12:38 - 6/04/2024 Cumartesi
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File photo

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Saturday that two Tu-95ms strategic bombers of the Aerospace Forces carried out a training flight over the neutral waters of the Chukchi Sea.

The flight lasted 12 hours and Su-35 fighter jets accompanied the bombers during the 12-hour flight, providing cover, the ministry said in a statement.

The flight was performed in strict accordance with the international rules for the use of airspace, it said.

Strategic missile carrier bombers Tu-95MS are part of the long-range aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the air component of the nuclear triad comprising aircraft, submarines, and intercontinental ballistic missiles.

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