Ukraine peace summit would be 'more result-oriented' with Russia's participation, says Turkish FM

Hakan Fidan hails timing of summit, warns that 'with each passing day, this tragedy could even get worse'

09:34 - 16/06/2024 Pazar
Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan
Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan

The Turkish foreign minister on Saturday hailed the timing of the Ukraine peace summit in Switzerland, adding it would be "more result-oriented" with the participation of all parties.

Hakan Fidan, in his address to the two-day summit, said: "For more than two years now, the devastating war has been unfolding in the middle of Europe as a result of the occupation of Ukraine."

According to some estimates, the number of casualties is more than 500,000, he said and warned: "With each passing day, this tragedy could even get worse."

"Therefore, the timing of this peace conference couldn't be better," Fidan added.

He warned about the escalation of "two major risks" as the war goes on: possible spillage of war beyond Ukraine, deepening polarization at global levels, and inherent risk of enrolling to weapons of mass destruction.

"It is increasingly becoming a war more than between Russia and Ukraine," he said.

"We have the Ukrainian peace plan in front of us, and Russia has recently shared some terms. Regardless of the content and the conditions put forward, these are important steps and glimpse of hope to start with," he said.

"I must also note that this summit could have been more result-oriented if the other party to the conflict, Russia, was present in the room," he added.

From the beginning of the war, Türkiye has been actively engaging in diplomatic efforts, he said, recalling the Istanbul talks in March 2022 and the Black Sea grain deal. He mentioned those developments as signs that "diplomacy and negotiations can really bring progress."

"Türkiye, as always, is ready to facilitate the process," he said. "We will not shy away from putting further efforts."

Noting that Ankara supports Ukraine's territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence, he added: "Our vision for peace is realistic, inclusive and practical. We are committed to crafting a way forward to that end."

"A fair peace will have no losers," he said, citing Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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