UN hopes its bodies would be judged within their authorities on Gaza

'Secretary General's authority is delineated in the charter. It's rather limited,' says spokesman

10:08 - 24/04/2024 среда
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The UN on Tuesday noted the complexities of its role in the crisis in the Gaza Strip and said it hopes for all of its agencies would be judged "on what they did within their own authority."

"There are other parts of the UN system; legislative parts, Human Rights Council, Security Council, General Assembly. There are judicial parts, whether it's the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court -- they all have a role to play," spokesman Stephane Dujarric told Anadolu at a news conference when asked if the Secretary-General Antonio Guterres fears negativity about the UN in history with the Gaza crisis.

Noting the multifaceted nature of the UN and the importance of distinguishing between various branches and functions, Dujarric stressed that it is important to clarify which UN body is mentioned when making headlines.

"It is an important one for journalists to clarify. So, the responsibility in a sense, is a shared one. The secretary general's authority is delineated in the charter. It's rather limited, as you well know," he added.

Asked if Guterres lacks influence with UN agencies, Dujarric noted that under Article 99 of the UN Charter, the secretary general can bring certain matters to the attention of the Security Council.

"But one could look at the results of the votes in the Security Council on a host of issues that we cover here regularly of peace and security issues. The frustration expressed by him, or by him through me, at the lack of unity in the Council and the lack of ability of the Council to come together may lead you to a conclusion as to the level of his influence on that Council," said Dujarric.

Reiterating the need for "a clear, transparent and credible investigation" in uncovering at least 283 bodies of victims from a mass grave at the Nasser Hospital in the southern Gazan city of Khan Younis, Dujarric said: "We need more journalists to be able to do their work in Gaza safely, to report on the on the facts."

Asked about who would conduct the investigation, he said he could not provide an answer but emphasized the importance of gaining access to sites and conducting a reliable investigation.

When questioned about the reliability of an investigation conducted much later, Dujarric acknowledged it is a valid concern but noted in some conflicts, secure investigations could be conducted even if they were delayed.

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