UN points to grave conditions of Al-Hol camp, Syria
Inhumane camp conditions have led to death of 100 children and 10 women
ERSIN ÇELIK,  AA  Wednesday 09:33, 13 March 2019
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The UN on Tuesday expressed grave concern over humanitarian conditions of YPG/PKK-held Al-Hol camp in northeastern Syria.

Babor Baloch, spokesman for UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), speaking at a news conference in Geneva, said that the humanitarian situation in Al-Hol camp was desperate.

He said that the UN and NGOs were working to provide humanitarian aid to the needy 65,000 people taking shelter in the camp.

Tarik Jasarevic, spokesman of World Health Organization (WHO), said he was worried about the health conditions in the camp.

He pointed out that 106 children had died upon their arrival or on their way to the camp since 2018, adding hundreds of children in the Syrian city of Hasakah were taken to hospitals in the same time.

Jasarevic complained about insufficient health facilities in the camp and noted that the civilians faced great challenges.

Herve Verhoosel, spokesman of World Food Program (WFP), stressed that the organization was worried about tens of thousands of people in Al-Hol camp.

Stating that the camp had reached its full capacity with 65,000 civilians taking refuge, he went on to say they did not know the exact number of people who had died in the camp.

Joel Millman, spokesman of International Organization for Migration (IOM), declined to comment on the civilian casualties and YPG/PKK's attitude toward the camp residents.

Since April 2017, the YPG/PKK terror group has placed civilians fleeing Daesh terrorists and family members of Daesh in Al-Hol camp.

While admitting the asylum seekers into the camp, YPG/PKK adopts a humiliating attitude toward the residents.

Due to grave conditions of the camp and terror group YPG/PKK practices, 100 children and 10 women have lost their lives so far.

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