US backs PKK terrorists in Iraq’s Sinjar: Ezidi leader

US backs PKK terrorists in Iraq’s Sinjar: Ezidi leader

Leader of Iraq's Ezidi Democratic Party slams alleged US support for PKK terrorist group

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The U.S. is pursuing a “hypocritical” policy regarding the PKK terrorist group by supporting PKK terrorists in Iraq’s Sinjar district through northern Syria, Haider Saso, secretary-general of Iraq's Ezidi Democratic Party, said Wednesday.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Saso, who resides in Sinjar, blasted what he described as ongoing cooperation between the U.S. and the PKK.

"The U.S. is pursuing a two-faced policy when it comes to the PKK,” he said. “While it puts prices on the heads of top PKK operators, it collaborates with the group in Sinjar and in northern Syria.”

Sinjar, he went on to assert, was “teeming with” PKK military bases and camps.

"The U.S. and the PKK, along with the latter’s many affiliates, are working in tandem,” Saso said, accusing the PKK of forcibly recruiting Ezidi youth.

“The U.S. is helping the PKK and its affiliates in Sinjar through the PYD/YPG terrorist group in northern Syria,” he added.

Officials from Iraq's central government have recently met with their Turkish counterparts to discuss means of driving the terrorist group from Iraqi territory.

Saso, for his part, says the PKK is receiving financial assistance through the Iraqi army and the Hashd al-Shaabi, a predominantly Shia fighting force.

In mid-2014, the PKK sent fighters to Sinjar -- from Syria and Iraq’ northeastern Qandil region -- on the pretext that it was protecting Ezidis from the Daesh terrorist group.

But even though the region was later cleared of Daesh terrorists, the PKK has continued its expansionist policies in the area, Saso said.

In October of last year, the Iraqi government sent federal troops into parts of northern Iraq “disputed” between it and the Kurdish Regional Government -- including Sinjar.

After federal forces moved into Sinjar, the PKK falsely claimed to have withdrawn from the region.


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