US-led coalition strikes oil tankers in eastern Syria

US-led coalition strikes oil tankers in eastern Syria

Tankers carrying oil from PKK-besieged Deir ez-Zor to Syrian regime comes under attack

News Service AA

The U.S.-led coalition airstrikes Friday hit tankers carrying oil from an eastern Syrian city besieged by terrorist YPG/PKK to an area under control of the Bashar Assad regime, according to local sources.

In the early hours of Friday, the coalition forces raided on the area where an oil trade had been carried out between the PKK/YPG and the Syrian regime in the eastern outskirts of Deir ez-Zor with Hummer brand vehicles, according to the local sources who spoke anonymously due to fears of safety.

The coalition planes hit three of the tankers. The attack left four people dead and smoke was seen rising from the area.

The coalition is yet to issue a statement on the attack.


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